14 May 2010 - Stire 3

The first meeting of the Webas dealers was held on the 27th and 28th of November, at the hotel La Sibilla Cusiana which is located in Pettenasco, right on the banks of Lago Maggiore. The meeting, where distributors and dealers who operate all over the regions of Italy participated in, was the occasion to show the assessments of 2008, the results and activities conducted by Webas, a brief in depth examination dedicated to the installations that have been already done, the innovations that were brought about, the new products that have widened the range, trade actions taken for both the promotion of the brand Taggy and also for the system, especially with important customers.

Another important moment of the meeting was when the analysis of the growth prospects in the sector for the three years of 2009-2011. An examination of data for next year, in which challenging but concrete opportunities for development were pointed out, even with a growth rate up to double figures for the product Taggy. Finally, considerable space was reserved for the presentation of the �road-map� which is for updates, developments and innovations, which Webas will present in the arc of the next 12-18 months and will involve all components of the Taggy system, including all of its accessories. This confirms even more the choice made by Webas: a corporate strategy aimed in two things. First, is the continuous research of improvements in quality, performance, and competitiveness of the Taggy system. The other is the strong conviction to continue the investments in �Research and Development� which is aimed at testing new technology, new materials, and new applications.

14 April 2010 - Stire 2

Webas was at Euroshop in Dusseldorf from 23rd to 27th February.
This biennial exhibition is acknowledged as one of the main reference points of the ESL market, attracting thousands of professionals from all over the world. In its exhibiting area Webas gave a preview of the new labels of the Taggy, Taggy One and Taggy Mini ranges, also providing practical demos to show how easily they can be installed as well as the advanced functions of the wireless solution.
Taggy’s unique qualities certainly caught the eye of those in the trade, as could be seen by the huge number of visitors who attended the Webas stand throughout the five days of the exhibition as well as the large number of contracts signed during and after this event. Growth prospects for the Taggy brand in 2008 are therefore looking good.

16 March 2010 - Stire 1

Another “Taggy Phone” electronic label installation has been successfully completed in the shopping mall “Porte di Roma”. After the installation in Vodafone shops located inside the shopping mall situated in Rome “Euroma2” and “I Sanniti” situated in Benevento and Casoria, the roll out go on for all 12 Maistrini Group point of sales.